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Folligen Solution Therapy Spray

Folligen products are designed to help create an environment that helps hair growth and helps reduce hair loss and shedding. They are used both by women for stress and estrogen-related hair loss and male pattern baldness caused by DHT dihydrotestosterone and scalp damage. These products are designed by Dr. Loren Pickart, whose earlier hair stimulating inventions have led to Tricomin which has been shown in clinical trials to stimulate hair growth and GraftCyte which has be shown in clinical tests to stimulate the success of hair transplants.

Folligen's biological effect on hair is similar to other copper-peptide products such as Graftcyte and Tricomin which are skin repair products that aid hair growth and scalp health.

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray

$34.95 8 oz (226.8 grams)

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