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Getting to the Root of Hair Loss
HR-29 Hair Nutrient Solution

hr-29 hair nutrient solutionIf you are losing your hair, it is most likely due to two factors; your genetics and your hormones. You see, inherited hair loss occurs when the hormone DHT causes a chain reaction that results in a thickening of the scalp membrane. This in turn can reduce the blood supply and delivery of essential nutrients to the hair follicles. After time, the newer hairs become thinner and lighter in color, until they eventually cease to grow. HR-29 Hair Nutrient Solution is designed to work along with the newest drug treatments for hair loss. These new drugs, both in pill and topical form, have succeeded in blocking some of this DHT interaction with the hair follicles.

HR-29 Hair Nutrient Solution

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HR-29 Hair Nutrient Solution 30 Day Supply $14.95
HR-29 Hair Nutrient Solution 60 Day Supply $27.95


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