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Rogaine Extra Strength for Men 

rogaine - regrow your hair
Rogaine Extra Strength for Men 

Regrow your hair
New Extra Strength
Rogaine with 5% Minoxidil


Product Price Purchase
Rogaine Extra Strength 5% for men 30 day Supply $29.95
Rogaine Extra Strength 5% -men Three Pack  "Most Popular"  90 day supply $49.95
Progaine Shampoo 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner $7.95
Rogaine 2% for Women Three Pack -90 Day Supply $49.95

Now for the first time, the genuine RogaineŠ brand of Minoxidil is available in a new extra strength formula. Rogaine in a new formula containing 250% of the active ingredient of the original strength. Studies have shown that this causes 45% more hair regrowth than the regular strength formula. It has also been shown to give results in two months as compared to the four months needed with regular strength.

5% Extra Strength formula have been proven safe, effective and easy to use and formulas are completely compatible with all other hair products on this website.

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